FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

The playable demo for FIFA 15 is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and allows you to check some of the news that the next edition of the football simulator from EA Sports will introduce. The Gamereactor had the opportunity to perform several matches with the demo, and now shares his opinion on what he played.

FIFA 15 is a different game of FIFA 14 players who only play occasionally can mention that is equal or that the differences are minimal, but who plays FIFA daily will realize immediately that something is different in FIFA 15 Indeed, if the mechanics of FIFA 14 is already ingrained in your system, it is likely that estranhem the gameplay of FIFA 15, but as Fernando Pessoa said the ad for Coca-Cola, “first find it strange, then involves himself.”

Graphically there are no major changes. The game has good appearance and presentation and general production are phenomenal, but we were not dazzled. Despite the news that the Ignite engine introduced in the edition of FIFA 14 for the new generation, the skeleton and the base of the graphics are the same as the version of the older generation, and as so, will hardly notice drastic changes to the graphics level. Yes, the public is fantastic. Yes, there are many new animations. Yes, the grass is phenomenal. But still not a true new generation of FIFA, at least visually.

The demo lets you play with eight teams – Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona, ??Boca Juniors, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool (more predefined teams Ultimate Team). The only available stadium is Anfield (Liverpool), and if this stadium as an example, the Premier League on FIFA 15 will be fantastic. EA Sports signed a recent agreement with the English league, allowing replicate all players, stadiums and chants, and it shows in this stadium. The song of Liverpool supporters (especially “You’ll Never Walk Alone”) and the general atmosphere in the stadium is impeccable. Remains to be seen how it will be in other stadiums outside the Premier League.

FIFA 15 has several new details, the most purely visual. Will quickly realize that the grass is now dynamic, exhibiting marks caused by players, are trampled, sprints or carts. At the end of the game will notice a lawn full of brands. Another visual detail is the list of players. There are several new animations for different situations, such as harsh inputs, requests for cards and small disputes. There are several elements that add to the atmosphere and spectacle, but that does not translate into gameplay.

Other details of this genre, albeit with a more visible impact during the game, including the new option to control a player in times of pieces. In a corner, for example, can select the advanced, get a ball and call for the ball marker to corner. It’s an easy process and it works quite well. There are several details of this genre, including new animations for situations like passing, dribbling, ball stops … Now, when you are within the area, the players to put their hands behind their backs, to avoid penalties.

But not everything is visual, there are also important changes in terms of gameplay. Dribbling, for example, is very different. There is a genuinely realistic reaction to the ball, dribbling and sizes are very different. This means a more accurate control with tecnicists players, but also a botched dribble with less gifted players. In sprint (which is significantly slower than in the past) is now considerably easier to lose the ball because much flees the reach of the player. Also different are the passes. While the passes find their targets more effectively (usually), it also seemed more difficult to choose the desired player when they are in several lines pass nearby.

Protecting the ball (left trigger) and realistic speed changes, are all innovations that were introduced in FIFA 14, but now only show their real potential. There are plenty of new animations to protect the ball, and speed changes are really hard to follow. This means that it is easier to dribble with speed and change of pace, although feints itself (right analog) appear to be less effective in FIFA 15 That is, if one hand is easier to dribble with changes of pace and direction , will also lose the ball more quickly if not careful with the dribble. The same applies to the First Touch, the long-touted “first touch” of FIFA, with the right analog. In FIFA 15 this touch is quite sharp, and if not used carefully, can easily result in loss of ball.

One of the most publicized news of the new FIFA are the goalkeeper, and we can confirm that they are indeed different. There are many new animations and behaviors, which claim to offer a more realistic experience. Should not read yet “realistic” as “better”, ie, the goalkeeper will not defend better than in FIFA 14 instead. If in the past sometimes seemed super goalkeeper in FIFA 15 will suffer many more natural goals. Truth be told we’ve seen some situations that were to skim the “chicken” or silly, but further evaluation with the final game will be required.

The demo of FIFA 15 has problems. If the gameplay to start is difficult to accept, given the mechanisms acquired with FIFA 14, will eventually begin to accept the news of gameplay. But if these systems make the game more realistic, the demo also showed us several flaws. We observed several bizarre and frankly idiotic behavior of artificial intelligence, but also some flaws in the animations – players who received the ball poorly or ignored, unnatural movements and other similar actions.

This, however, is normal. The demos of FIFA usually be completed before the production team enter the final phase of development and calibration, which means that it is likely that the final version of FIFA 15 is presented in better shape than this demo, with some news and fewer problems. Or at least, that’s what has happened in recent years.

Before ending, a word for the new tactical options. There are several new developments in training, strategy and performance department. Can define whether a player should mark the area, you can go up or if you should stay when the team attacks, and other settings in this line. If you really work properly (checking the final version), will be an interesting addition.

These are some of the cheap fifa 15 coins news immediately noticeable in the demo of FIFA 15, but there are other, related game modes (which can learn in detail here). We enjoyed the majority of the news that EA Sports has implemented, and although the demo has several problems, we believe that most will be resolved in time for the release of the game.

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