FIFA 16 Mobile Updates And New Features

Now FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and FIFA 16 are both available, FIFA fans can choose the best that suits your device. And many of you should be playing fifa 16 coins for that moment, because FIFA 16 is expected have sold over a million copies on first day of release. What’s the reaction to the new franchise.

Whatever way you look at it numbers are absolutely astounding. The computing monster that is FIFA continues to grow stronger as the game keeps on getting better. This year’s version is no exception. It is frighteningly good.

Nine new stadiums appear from leagues across the world, taking the list of playable stadia to 50 featuring all 20 Barclays Premier League clubs, Portsmouth’s Fratton Park, Wembley, the Nou Camp and more.

The new commentary is another pulling power for FIFA. Usual suspects Martin Tyler and Alan Smith continue to provide their expert in-game analysis. The addition of Alan Mclnally reporting on goals going in around the other grounds during your game adds to the bespoke experience.

But all of that would be nothing without the eerily authentic aspect of player likeness and in-game atmosphere. Hundreds of stars from the Barclays Premier League and beyond were involved in the game makers capturing player likeness. So, when the camera closes in on Victor Moses celebrating the opening goal of the game, it could quite easily pass as the real deal.

Gameplay is important too and this game sticks largely to the principles of “if it is not broken, don’t fix it”. So it is just like the last game then? No, several main features have been finessed to make FIFA 16 even better than the last.

The no touch dribbling is a fine example. A tap of the LB button allows you to free yourself from the ball to buy time and feint past your defender just as Lionel Messi would for Barcelona.

Dynamic crossing has been introduced so that you can find teammates in those PMOs. Attacking players run in behind the back line and attack the cross with intent. And don’t forget the celebrations. Rooney’s infamous KO, Kevin Nolan’s funky chicken dance and the Messi trademark point up ti the sky are some of the finest.

If you haven’t played the game before, the new in-game trainer feature perfectly provided all the know-how you need. It offers a learn-as-you-play tool with graphic prompts to help you press the right buttons.

There is no reason for you to deny the FIFA 16. Get yourself ready for its launch in Europe.

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